Alessandro Fossi Signature Tuba Mouthpieces


The contra bass tuba mouthpiece has an inner rim of 1.290 (32.75 mm) and a throat of .335 (8.5mm). With a deep funnel shaped cup and very comfortable semi round rim.  The inner bite of the rim is relatively sharp giving control over articulations and clarity the entire spectrum of the orchestral tubists rep.


The bass tuba piece has an inner rim of 1.268 (32.2 mm) inner rim diameter with a throat of .305 (7.75mm).  With a medium deep bowl shape cup, and a relatively sharp inner bite on the rim as well.  This mouthpiece creates a classic clean, pure, and light orchestral F tuba sound.  A real F tuba mouthpiece with that brings a shimmer and excitement to the orchestral F tuba lit.


There is only one shank size for each piece the shank is in between Euro and Standard .528  (13.41 mm)

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